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Services from Seed Start to Seed Save

We offer a range of installation services for home gardeners from installing irrigation systems, temporary and permanent garden fencing and pest protection, raised and no-dig beds, trellising, lighting, hoop netting/fleece/micromesh protection, shade cloth and offer custom design/build services.

While we specialize in raised beds and no-dig beds we have experience and can work with any garden format. These include indoor and outdoor gardens such as in-ground beds, container gardens, patio gardens and any other garden you might have. As long as you can eat what you grow, we can help

We offer a wide selection of affordable services, products and programs to help teach and support home vegetable and edible gardeners. We also offer custom tailored plans and services that you fit your needs.

At Home Gardening Coach - 1.5 Hours - $150
Professional Support

Schedule to have a Professional Gardening Coach come to your home to help support your efforts growing food. Use your time as you need. If you have specific areas of need we are happy to focus on the results you desire. If you want we can also make recommendations based on our assessment of your current gardening practices.

If you need help at season start then we can help you get your plants in the ground. Maybe you need a hand with getting your soil ready but don’t know what your soil needs. We can teach you how to test your soil to find out what you need before you start buying fertilizers and amendments.

A Great Start

Whether you are a new gardener or a seasoned gardener that just needs an extra hand your Garden Coach has you covered. Don’t lose precious time in the season and get your garden off to a great start.

Get Support for the following:
  • Garden Planning
  • Crop Planning and Rotations
  • Soil Testing
  • Garden Bed Preparation and Amending (Soil and Amendments not included)
  • Seed Starting
  • Planting and Transplanting
  • DIY Staking, Trellising and Support Techniques
  • Composting Techniques

*Does not include any soil, amendments, fertilizers, plant treatments, irrigation setups, tilling, hauling, preventative care or emergency care.

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Day Care - $80 | Season Care - $250 6 visits | Annual Care - $475 18 visits
1 hour appointment
Consult the client to find out the what the garden needs and current gardening practices.
  • Do you have an issue with production/yield?
  • Do you have a problem with disease?
  • Do you have a problem with pests?
  • Do you have a problem with weeds?
  • How do you water your plants and on how often?
  • Do you prune any of your plants? Why?
  • Do you have a problem with invasive or pernicious weeds?
  • Do you fertilize? If so, how often?
Perform a full assessment of the garden
  • All plants thoroughly assessed for overall health, damage, disease, pests, etc.
  • The Gardens location, layout and protections are assessed.
  • Soil composition, quality and mulching will be assessed. Base line testing included.
    • Soil tests can be requested for additional charge.
    • Soil tests are sent to a certified lab and a full comprehensive report will be returned.
  • The overall environment will be taken into consideration before determining any course of action. This includes local weather temps, precipitation, humidity, and other specific local variables.
Following the outcome from the assessment.
The following may occur.
Disease Treatments

We offer several different, organic and OMRI certified products to treat or pre-treat plant for various diseases. While some diseases that affect plants are not reversible. We can pre-treat to help prevent the spread of diseases by way of insect, soil borne diseases, plant to plant diseases and others. We can also coach to support better gardening practices, pruning practices and other techniques to help prevent these diseases.

*It is always recommended to get a soil test prior to applying any pest or disease treatment. Soil biology and nutrition can be big factors in what is happening with your plant above ground.

Pest Treatments

If dealing with a bug or insect pest there are a ton of organic and OMRI certified products available today as well as a few self-made solutions at our disposal. Based on an assessment we can determine what bug or insect pests are damaging or will intend to damage your plants in the future. We will apply an appropriate treatment that meets your gardens needs. All treatments are tested on small sections of plants prior to any full treatment. The test location is checked 48-hours after the first treatment. If the plant is unaffected by the treatment, then a full treatment will be applied.

*It is always recommended to get a soil test prior to applying any pest or disease treatment. Soil biology and nutrition can be big factors in what is happening with your plant above ground.

Fertilization Treatment
  • All Fertilization treatments require a soil test. We recommend a comprehensive test prior to any fertilization.
  • We utilize a wide range of organic and OMRI certified fertilizers depending on the crops.
  • We can provide support for transplanting with the use of Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria.
  • Soil Fertilization treatment to include the use of organic mineral and micronutrients (Rock Dust)
  • Organic Matter and Compost fertilization

*A basic soil test will be performed prior to any fertilization treatment.
*A comprehensive soil test is always recommended but may be required in some situations.

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We offer 3 plans to help care for your plants while you enjoy your vacation.
  • Water Only- $10/day
  • Water + Weeding - $12/day
  • Water + Weeding + Pruning + Harvest - $15/day

We will schedule an appointment at least 2 weeks prior to your vacation to determine garden needs. Where applicable we will install an irrigation system in order to better serve your garden. Daily inspections, updates and pictures are sent to the client.

Enjoy a stress free vacation and return home to a healthy and happy garden.

*Receive a 20% discount if you choose to purchase the irrigation system.

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If your garden has been neglected or damaged, then we have you covered. We will send a Garden Professional to your home to help with the following needs.

  • Weed overgrowth
  • Garden Clean up
  • Storm Damage recovery
  • Garden Neglect

No matter the reason or cause we can give your garden the best chance of bouncing back.

*We cannot guarantee plant recovery if damaged beyond saving. This is assessed upon consultation with the client.

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1-Day Care - $60 | Season Care - $150 6 visits | Annual Care - $350 18 visits

If you are more hands on and just want a little help with a few things around the garden then we have individual plans to meet your needs.

We offer 3 individual Plans.
  • Weeding Support
  • Pruning Support
  • Harvest Support

*If you need more than one of these services please look at our Preventative Care plans.

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