About Us

Seed to Seed was founded in 2020 by Mike Baker after leaving a 20-year career in IT to pursue his passions for home vegetable and edible gardening. In addition, he wanted to reach as many families in his local and neighboring communities by teaching them the skills to grow a bountiful and beautiful garden each year.

The realization that sparked Seed to Seed was there was little to no help available for home vegetable and edible gardeners. Most gardeners rely on the internet, neighbors, family and friends for advice and tips or those special secret formulas passed on through generations. No matter your experience we all have challenges and issues to deal with in the garden and now you have help when you need it and where you need it.

Our “Seed to Seed” services are here to help you at every step along your gardening journey. We offer a wide selection of affordable services, products and programs to help teach and support home vegetable and edible gardeners. We also offer custom tailored plans and services that you fit your needs. Check out our full range of services and products to ensure you will have a successful growing season.